Smaller PP Meltblown Production Line
Smaller PP Meltblown Production Line
Smaller PP Meltblown Production Line
Smaller PP Meltblown Production Line
Smaller PP Meltblown Production Line
Smaller PP Meltblown Production Line
Smaller PP Meltblown Production Line
Smaller PP Meltblown Production Line

Smaller PP Meltblown Production Line

PP meltblown cloth is the "heart" of the mask. It is the core filter layer, which has good filterability, shielding, heat insulation and oil absorption. In response to the material masks in the current epidemic situation, Seven Trust can provide a complete production line solution for the entire PP meltblown nonwoven fabric. No matter what size you want to produce, our expert team can provide the correct solution. Welcome to contact us to obtain a melt-blown cloth production line suitable for you.

The production process of melt-blown non-woven fabric is to dry PP material and mix with necessary additives (such as stabilizer, whitening agent and color masterbatch), and then extrude PP through screw extruder, and through melt-blown die Other auxiliary equipment draws a thin stream of melt to form extremely fine fibers, which eventually become a melt-blown fiber nonwoven with different widths.

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Capacity:400-500kg / 24h; Dimension(L*W*H): 10m*4.5m*3m

1: KBL55 High Melt mass-flow rate PP single screw extruder

(1) Screw
Screw diameter: 55MM
L / D ratio: 28: 1
Screw material: 38CrMoALA high-quality nitride steel
Nitriding depth: 0.55MM, hardness: HV880-950, brittleness: I-level,
Screw quantity: 1
Screw suitable material: PP

(2) Barrel
Barrel material: 38CrMoALA high-quality nitride steel
Nitriding depth: 0.55MM,
hardness: HV960-1020, brittleness: Class I
Barrel total heating control area: 10 areas
Total heating power: 15KW
Barrel heat dissipation area: 5 areas;
mold, connecting body: 4 areas
Heater type: stainless steel high-efficiency heater
Constant temperature auxiliary fan: silent cooling fan 180W * 4 sets

(3) Special hardened gearbox for extruder
Gearbox body material: one-piece cast steel (HT200)
Base type: horizontal installation
Gearbox gear: helical gear
Gear material: 20CrMnTi (hard tooth surface grinding treatment)

(4) Electric heating and temperature control part:
Total heating control zone: 10 zones (Japanese RKC temperature control meter)
Barrel cooling zone: 4 zones
Molds, connectors: 9 zones
Equipped with 50KG drying hopper, one set
With automatic suction machine, one set

2: High precision melt blown cloth mold

Melt-blown cloth width: 600MM, mold body width: 800MM
Voltage: (220 V) 50Hz / single phase power,
Per zone: within 5KW
Wiring method: Built-in closed structure mold material: S136H steel

3: Air heating device

Heating power: 50KW
Automatic constant temperature device and protection device
4: Electrostatic electret device
Input: 220V / 50HZ, 200W
Output voltage: 10-120KV continuously adjustable
Output current: 0.1-1.5mA continuously adjustable

Notice: The seller has the obligation to achieve successful testing before delivery, but raw material used in testing procedure shall be borne by buyer.

Precision Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric Mold

The meltblown die head is the core hardware of the meltblown cloth production line. At present, there is a shortage of high-quality meltblown cloth in the global market. After two weeks of data collection, melt-blowing process analysis, mold design demonstration, mold processing technology testing and other preliminary work, the team successfully developed a series of melt-blown cloth die heads. The model and standard of the company's melt-blown fabric molds were formulated based on the fabric width: SINO-800 to SINO-2400.

Quality characteristics of meltblown cloth mold:
Perfect mold design
A good pair of melt-blown cloth molds is designed. During the design, the Sino team analyzed the mold structure, processing technology, melt flow balance, air knife flow angle and balance analysis, temperature control balance and internal pressure. In-depth evaluations such as analysis ensure that the mold design is flawless.
Rigorous dimensional control
Based on the company's powerful processing capabilities, according to the process requirements of the workpiece, each part drawing of the melt-blown mold is marked with dimensional tolerances, and the entire process is inspected.
Strict material selection
According to the characteristics of the melt-blown cloth forming process combined with the performance of the steel material, a reasonable steel material treatment method is used to ensure that the performance of the steel material is best exerted.

Specification of Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric Mould

Meltblown nonwoven fabrics can be used in the production of masks, industrial filters and other products.

Technical Design Datas For Melt Blown Fabric Plant

 No. Item Description Remark
1 Production Rate 400-500 kgs/ day 24 hours operation
2 Final product Melt Blown Fabric Middle layer for flat mask
3 Filtration Efficiency BEF99
4 Density 25g-50g per square meter Adjustable
5 Width 175 mm with tolerance 0.2 mm Adjustable
6 Color White
7 Electret treatment Must have dne
8 Raw Material Coated PP with MFI1500 98%
9 PP masterbatch for electret treatment 2%
10 Yield rate 75-80% 1 ton PP can produce 750-800 kgs
11 Supply scope PP Single screw extruder, High precision
melt blown cloth mold, Air heating device, Conveyor belt type collector,
Slitting machine and rewind machine, Roots blower, Cooling fan,
Electrostatic electret device and control system.