KN95 Face Mask Line

The KN95 semi-automatic ultrasonic Respirator film machine produced by our company has the characteristics of stable performance and high production efficiency. One such machine can finish the mask blanking and cutting. 80-120 KN95 masks can be produced per minute.

We also provide instructions for the installation and commissioning of KN95 Face Mask Line. We also support sending technical personnel to customers to complete the jump.

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KN95(N95/FFP2)Face Mask Automatin Line

No Station Dimensions Pack Size Photos
1 Material Shelf 3420mm*900mm*2000mm 3520mm*1000mm*2050mm
2 MaterialPressing Shelf In Front Section 1400mm*1250mm*2050mm 1500*1350*2050
3 Middle Continuous
folding Machine
2200mm*1100mm*2000mm 2300*1200*2050
4 Slicing Material In Rear Section 2000mm*970mm*1350mm 2100*1070*1400
5 Outer Shelf 10000mm*1640mm*2460mm 3060mm*1500mm*2050mm
Business Terms:
1) Quotation available in 3 days from the date quoted
90% in advance ,the rest of one time payment Before Delivery
3) The quotation not including freight
* Special Note: Equipment parameters and components may be adjusted according to actual conditions of the manufacturer

Production Steps to KN95 Mask

Step 1: Incoming material embossing, cutting and forming
The equipment is KN95 Respirator Film Machine

Unwinding material, three layers of non-woven fabric, one layer of velvet cloth, knurled cutting once formed, knurled cutting shaped sample.

Step 2: Ultrasonic welding machine
The equipment is the face mask ear strap welding machine

Manual single-point welding ear wire, one mask, and four welding points

Step 3: Nose bridge support
The equipment is the face mask nose bridge welding machine

Install the bridge of the nose bridge on the sheet mask through the pressing device

Step 4: Folding and blanking forming
The equipment is: the face mask sealing welding machine

Pressing of the openings on both sides


1. The machine is sturdy, small in size and does not occupy space
2. PLC program control, high stability, and low failure rate
3. The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful and firm without rust.
4. Photoelectric detection to reduce the error rate
5. Using the ultrasonic system, stable performance and easy operation
6. Adjustable welding strength of ear strap