Face Mask ‎Epoxyethane Sterilization Equipment
Face Mask ‎Epoxyethane Sterilization Equipment
Face Mask ‎Epoxyethane Sterilization Equipment
Face Mask ‎Epoxyethane Sterilization Equipment
Face Mask ‎Epoxyethane Sterilization Equipment
Face Mask ‎Epoxyethane Sterilization Equipment
Face Mask ‎Epoxyethane Sterilization Equipment
Face Mask ‎Epoxyethane Sterilization Equipment

Face Mask ‎Epoxyethane Sterilization Equipment

Epoxyethane sterilization equipment for the sterilization of media used for sterilization of damp heat sensitive items,such as surgical precisionm-edical equipment,optical instrumens,electronic equipment,plastic products and vari-ous medical supplies,etc,for plastic,metal and rubber materials will not produce any cor-rosion.

Face Mask ‎Epoxyethane Sterilization Equipmentis the most effective way of gas sterilization are known,with broad-spectrum sterilization,strong penetrability,no damage to the items and environme-nt.It has perfect&reliable chemical and biological test,easy to storage sterilization items.It is the hospital necessary low-temperature sterilization equipment.

Whether it is in the supply room, the operation room or the specialist clinic,Face Mask ‎Epoxyethane Sterilization Equipment is all you need to safe,reliable&easy to operate low temperature sterilization equipment.

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Ethylene oxide sterilizer is an intelligent all-in-one machine with one-button operation. It is mainly divided into three stages:
Pre-treatment stage: reach the most suitable environment before sterilization;
Sterilization stage: time can be adjusted freely;
Mandatory elimination of epoxy Ethane gas residual stage: freely adjustable times.

The equipment is easy to install in small space. Each equipment only occupy an independent space twice larger than the size of the equipment, connected to water, drainage, power supply and air compressor to operate.

Face Mask sterilization Equipment - Process

Ethylene oxide eo sterilization 100% sterilization rate
High efficiency, up to 20 cubic meters at a time (HTAJ-20.0)
Intelligent, one-button automatic operation, and the whole process of sterilization is in record
High safety, all-round alarm system, automatic monitoring
Strong software, man-machine interaction, intelligent operation
Fast, 100% sterilization (6 cubic meters) in 8 hours

Application of ethylene oxide sterilizer:

1. Regional therapy equipment: cardiac pacemaker, artificial heart, dialyzer, suction device, oxygenator interchangeable element, surgical automatic suturing device, suture, suture needle, artificial esophagus, artificial bone, artificial blood vessel, etc.
2. Endoscopy: laryngoscope, bronchoscope, esophageal fiberscope, mediastinoscopy, cystoscope, urethroscopy, and thoracoscopy.
3. Rubber products: gloves, finger cots, syringes, injection needles, blood collection devices, infusion sets, urine collection bags, intra-organ hoses, nasal hoses, catheters, suction hoses, birth control equipment, etc.
4. Medicine: some Chinese and Western medicines and some cosmetics.
5. Textiles and biological products: cotton wool chemical fiber clothing, blankets, carpets, gauze, bandages, dry silk balls, cotton swabs, absorbent cotton, dressings, towels, leather, fur products, etc.
6. Cultural relics files: paper currency, tickets, medical records, files, letters, historical relics, silk satin products, animal and plant specimens, etc.
7. Instruments: electronic instruments, optical instruments, telephones, etc.
8. Hygiene products: sanitary napkins, napkins, disposable sanitary tableware, etc.

Installation requirements of ethylene oxide sterilizer:

1. It is recommended that the independent space should be more than 10 * 5 * 3 meters; the workshop must ensure good ventilation effect, with forced air inlet and outlet devices, exhaust equipment, lights, switches, etc. In this space, it needs to be explosion-proof (Disconnect D grade ). Workshop size, window size, inlet and outlet air dimension can be referenced according to drawings. It is better to set in an industrial zone, away from residential areas and the 50m-diameter fire source.
2. The DN40 outlet hose needs to be prepared in advance and can be connected to the sewage collection port according to the actual distance on site;
3. Prepare DN20 hose connection to overflow port in advance
4. Prepare the water inlet hose with the same diameter as the tap (usually DN20 hose) in advance, which can be connected to the equipment according to the actual distance on site;
5. Three-phase five-wire distribution box and connecting cables (6 square copper-core cable, about 10 meters) are required in an independent space.
6. Each sterilizer needs to prepare an air compressor (above 4KG) in advance.
7. Prepare consumables in advance (contact direct manufacturers or online shopping), ethylene oxide sterilization gas, ethylene oxide sterilization biological indicator agent, ethylene oxide sterilization chemical indicator card, etc. (1 bottle of ethylene oxide sterilization gas and chemical indication card for ethylene oxide sterilization will be provided with machines)

[ Air replacement ] Automatic ventilation, the times and interval of ventilation can be set freely.

[Fully automatic control system] One-button from start to finish, the whole process is automatically completed with records.

[ Display status ] Display temperature, humidity, pressure, disinfection time, residual gas treatment time and frequency.

[Printer] Record and print the disinfection information for the whole process, for verification.

[Humidity Sensor] The built-in humidity sensor automatically detects the humidity in the cavity to ensure that the humidity in the cavity is not less than 30% RH.

[Pressure Sensor] The built-in pressure sensor automatically detects the pressure in the cavity to ensure the effective disinfection of the pressure in the cavity.

[Temperature Sensor] The built-in temperature sensor automatically detects the temperature in the cavity to ensure that the temperature in the cavity is kept within the disinfection range of 50 ℃ ± 2 ℃.

[ Humidification system ] Pulse humidification under vacuum to ensure that the humidity in the chamber is uniform and controllable; the humidity in the disinfection room should be controlled within the range of 30% -80% relative humidity.

[Disinfection room leakage rate] The measurement of the leakage rate is carried out under the conditions of no load, the temperature of the disinfection room is unchanged, the test pressure is -50kPa, and the measurement time is 1h.
≤0.16kPa / min.

[Vacuum rate] Under no-load conditions, the time for the disinfection cabinet to be vacuumed from normal pressure to -75kPa should be ≤30min.

[Vacuum system] The oil-free vacuum pump is used, which is simple and convenient, with a fast vacuum rate and a long service life.

[Heating system] The explosion-proof electric heating device is adopted, which is more convenient and faster.

[ Tray rack ] Adopt 304 stainless steel tray rack. (Optional configuration above 15 cubic meters)

[Multiple protection functions] With over-voltage and over-temperature protection functions, it is safer and more reliable.

[Residual gas treatment device] The filtration rate of the filter to the particle diameter ≥0.3μm is not less than 99.5%.

[Category] Class II medical devices.